Semalt: The Most Distinctive Chrome Extensions To Download Images

Videos and photos are an integral part of our lives. A large number of people use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to share images with their friends and family members. Sometimes they want to download photos to their hard drive, but it is not possible with an ordinary tool. However, you can try these fantastic Chrome extensions to download the desired photos.

1. Image Downloader

With Image Downloader, you can easily browse or download photos from any site. If you are looking to download bulk images from social media, this Chrome extension is right for you. It can also filter images based on their width, height and URLs. Moreover, Image Downloader supports REGEX format, and images can be downloaded without compromising on quality. This program has a large number of buttons that ease your work. You can also customize this extension, hide or show the filters, and receive notifications in your inbox. When you press the Download button, all the selected photos will be saved on our hard drive or to a directory inside the extension.

2. Fatkun Batch Download Image

Fatkun Batch Download Image is another Chrome extension for webmasters and content curators. You can filter images and change their colors as per your requirements. Alternatively, this Chrome extension makes it easy for you to download images in their original colors. You just have to select all the pictures that you want to download and click on the Download or Save button. This extension is compatible with almost all web browsers and operating systems. It is a free, open-source extension that comes with no ads and tracking algorithms.

3. Gallerify – A Powerful Image Downloader

Gallerify is one of the best and most powerful image scrapers. With this Chrome extension, you can browse and download a large number of photos and can target any website or social media site. You just have to click on the Gallerify button in the right corner of your Google Chrome browser and a pop-up window will appear instantly. One of the most distinctive features of this Chrome extension is that it can be used to download bulk photos from any simple or dynamic website.

4. Pic Grabber

Pic Grabber is another outstanding Chrome extension that helps download images from any website. It enables you to target multiple web pages at a time and makes it easy for you to download or scrape photos as per your requirements. You should make sure that the photos have a certain size (at least 200px wide) because Pic Grabber will not pick up images lesser than 200px. You can scrape images and video files of any dynamic site with this Chrome extension. No doubt, Pic Grabber is a good alternative to Gallerify and Image Downloader and can be accessed at the Chrome Store. The latest version of Pic Grabber is Pic Grabber that contains some fixes to download multiple copies of the same photo or image.

All these Chrome extensions can be instantly downloaded from the internet and are free of cost.